Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is the most important key element to highlight your performance as an athlete. Fueling your body pre workout or training session managing your hydration levels along with good support of electrolytes and lastly helping body recover better post the training by selecting the right food completes your golden hour of training.

Our Sports Nutrition plan is designed to meet your individual requirement for the type of sports you are involved in. We have been catering our nutrition services to elite sports men for every sport category varying from swimming, golf, basketball, martial arts, skating, lawn and table tennis, football, wrestlers, kick boxing and many more. Our nutritionist will design your travel charts based on your travel frequency with related to training or competitions to make it more realistic and do able for you as an athlete.

Our constant guidance helps an athlete select the right food for themselves wherever they travel across the globe. We ensure each athlete improves in his OPTIMUM performance power endurance stamina and more stronger.

We do provide sports Nutrition seminar and workshops to sports academies, athletic groups, schools and training camps.

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