Know Your Genes

Are you intolerant to certain food substances such as wheat or milk etc.? Is gluten free diet good for you? Your questions are answered by our nutrition experts. This service includes a genetic assessment test to determine your intolerance risks. Find out, what makes you, YOU.

Nutritional Genomics, or Nutrigenomics, is a multidisciplinary science which deals with the study of how our food interacts with our genes and how our genes determine our response to our food or certain chemicals found in our food. Your samples are processed in an NABL accredited laboratory using state of the art sequencing and genotyping tools.

The genetic tests are performed using saliva screens which can be collected & delivered to your doorstep. We offer Genetic based weight loss program, which would analyze a person’s DNA to create an individualized weight loss plan. A holistic approach including diet, fitness, genetics and lifestyle factors.

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